Iqoption Scam Reviews cheat, fraud or an Honest Broker?

Iqoption Scam Reviews cheat, fraud or an Honest Broker?

Iqoption Scam Reviews

Iqoption Scam Reviews cheat, fraud or an Honest Broker?

Iqoption Scam Reviews is a Russian-language brokerage company, which is very fond of Internet users. Broker Iqoption is one of the first brokerage companies and the leader in popularity in the whole world.
But alas, more recently, a brokerage company has ceased to provide its services in Russia, unconditionally upsetting all Russian users.
You can see this on the broker’s website itself, by entering and clicking on the registration button, it will show you that if you are in Russia, registration is not possible.
Therefore, I personally advise all users of the IIqoption broker platform not to get upset and start looking for a worthy replacement, and there is certainly not one!

How work is done on the Iqoption scam platform

When registering, the broker offers users a demo account, which means that you can start working with a broker for free. A demo account is needed so that the user can learn how to trade correctly, despite the fact that no investment is required from him at the initial stage. After all, the only experience in sales and firm knowledge of the basics can take you to a new level of trade.
Not every company can offer a deposit offered byIqoption Scam Reviews. After all, for an Iqoption broker, the most important thing is that its users not only invest their money in a brokerage company but also receive no small profits from their investments.

Customer reviews that have already managed to cooperate with the broker Iqoption

Michael: “I don’t know why I constantly see rave reviews from various users of IQ. Unfortunately, my experience is not so joyful. I will explain why. I will not hide at first when registering on the platform, I liked everything, even despite the fact that I leaked my deposit several times. After reading a bunch of different literature, where they talk about the correct scale, and so on. After reading, I began to trade more closely and earn. I earned a tidy sum and decided to withdraw it, but not on the same day, but the next.
The next day I come in and see that the percentage of payments was reduced by 45%, that is, the entire budget that I earned just flew into the pipe. I wouldn’t advise you to work with this broker any further. ”

Another review iqoption scam?

Elena: “My acquaintance with Iqoption Scam Reviews happened probably, like most. I saw the ad, then I read the comments, when I saw that most of the reviews were positive, I decided to get started and try trading on the Iqoption platform. I’m trading not so long ago, so far everything is fine, starting from the visual component and ending with all sales terms. The truth has not yet tried to withdraw money, I hope everything will be fine and I will continue to cooperate with this broker. ”


Collaboration with the broker Iqoption

Iqoption Scam Reviews

Cooperating with IQ Option can only be done outside of the Russian Federation. Most users wondered why this broker stopped cooperating with Russian users and stopped working on the territory of the Russian Federation.
They stopped work because of the tightening of the legislation of the Russian Federation in the field of financial markets. Since the new restrictions were tough enough that even the largest brokerage companies could not obtain a license for the right activity, in this regard, IQ Opsn decided to simply withdraw their company outside the Russian Federation.

Bonuses in working with a broker

1. Registration on the Iqoption Scam Reviews platform is completely free;
2. It is possible to try your hand with a demo account;
3. You can open an account with as little as $ 10, only a few trading companies have such an offer;
4. Providing free training and the opportunity to go through a webinar for better trading.

Expert opinion on the broker Iqoption



Free training for trading on IQ, with the help of providing articles and video lessons

Does not work on the territory of the Russian Federation

Opportunity to try your hand at trading using a demo account

Problems with the withdrawal of funds

The completely secure platform, you can not worry about your personal data


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