The richest man in the world in history. Who is he?

The richest man in the world in history. Who is he?

Recently, on January 9, American media published news about the richest people in the world. Until 2018 the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates has been occupying the first place in the world’s richest man. He has been on this pedestal since 1995 and only rarely surrendered this position. The news that came out this year shocked many people – the richest man in the world now is Jeff Bezos, who created corporation Amazon. This statement was shared by CNN. Until this time he has been occupying only 5 and 3 places. The wealth of Joseph Bezon is estimated at about 105 billion.

An interesting fact about Amazon

The name we are so used to could have a different meaning and name. So, at the creating this online store it was planning its original name should have been Cadabra. The lawyer who was working at that time said that the name sounds like a word cadaver, which means corpse in English. And buyers can understand this not the right way. After that was decided to name the company in honour of the longest river in the world – Amazon. It’s this river we can see now on the official corporate logo.


The causes of sharp rise

The growth of Bezos wealth was due to the increase of the value of Amazon shares, it was in early January 2018 when they grew on 6.62 percent and cost 1.3 thousand dollars. Such a rise has won all record stocks of competitors companies. For the first time Bill Gates was not the richest man in history whose shares are currently not falling swiftly but still, it’s a risky project.

Experts advise. How to make money

Financial analysts have long expected such a rise but it was expected at least in March 2018. It’s possible to make a decent amount of money using some important news. Those who traded shares of Amazon literally in two days were able to get profit about thousands of dollars. Company Amazon is announcing a new project, the opening of which will attract more customers. Thus, buying company’s shares today you can make a really good money in not far future. And the financial analysts of our portal will tell you how to make money on news making deals on forex market. We will be happy to help you.

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