Sterling Specialist Reviews - Can we trust the broker in 2020?

Sterling Specialist Reviews – Can we trust the broker in 2020?

Sterling Specialist Reviews – Can we trust the broker in 2020?

Sterling Specialist Reviews of real traders coming up, but first we want to talk about why are we here even talking about Sterling Specialist here in AnonymousForex broker reviews.

We had more than a hundred emails from our readers asking about Website and if you can trust it.

Seems like the broker is investing a lot of money in marketing. Also we have seen them in most of the biggest brokerage and finance conventions. Large stands, fancy suits. We spoke to the funder, and Sterling Specialist team and as a result, we can see the funder’s vision of being the best broker around.

Let us talk facts: Sterling Specialist is a very perspective broker, that provides his traders low commissions and strives to get his traders the best results on the market.

Will they reach the sky and will most of the awards in 2021? We can’t be sure, but we know they are trying their best.

Sterling Specialist Reviews from their Senior account managers.


Sterling Specialist Reviews from their team:

Sean Leff Senior account manager. “I see a huge potential in Sterling Specialist. We invest a ton in education of our staff and of our clients. There is no way possible we will not top all the know brokers out there next year.”

Ben Vertis Senior account manager. “I have been working days and nights 24/7. I can tell you for sure, Sterling Specialist is a brokerage company with a vision. With my experience in the financial market I can say that the future of trading is us!”

Jessica Stern Senior account manager. “I have a saying and it goes like this – My Space was great once, but there you go, we have Facebook now. We are in Sterling Specialist are the next Facebook of trading.”


Even more Sterling Specialist reviews from their team members.


Adam Brown Senior account manager. “Is Sterling Specialist the best trusted and top rated broker you ask? Wait a few months and we will prove to be the best. The statistics show that we are on a trend now, and if we do not slow the tempo. With our conditions and our vision, we will provide the absolute best results on the market by 2022”

Ryan Miller Senior account manager. “Why Sterling Specialist? Its simple: We provide a convenient, transparent and quality service. While having a team of top notch specialists. And most importantly our moto is Traders come first. We listen and honor our client requests and consider all recommendations of our traders. That is why we are going to be number one client oriented broker in the world.”

David Benis Senior account manager. “I have been working with one of the largest brokers for 9 years before Sterling Specialist. But I left them because i see a huge potential in our current team. The vision of the company itself is amazing. I believe the idea behind Sterling Specialist brokerage is the most innovative out there”


Review from a Sterling Specialist Trader.

Sean Leff Senior account manager. “Andrew Taylor sent me this not a while a go. He started with only 1 000 EUR investment. In the picture is what we could reach in just a few weeks”

Here you can see Andrews quick review.

Sterling Specialist trader review

Here you can see Andrews Balance after only few weeks of trading.

andrews balance


Trading platform overview

Sterling Specialist Web Trader


The web trader is a very fast, easy to use trading terminal. Also the web trader will fit professional traders and appeal to beginners.

The web terminal looks like a new and improved version on MT4 with a much faster reaction time.

You can open the web trader on your mobile, laptop or any pc or even tablet and trade on the go.

No need to download any thing, just login to the website and start trading!


Sterling Specialist Mobile App

If your looking to trade on the go, the mobile app will save you even more time, and speed.
You have all the same features as in the web trader, but with more optimization and speed.

Sterling Specialist has Android dedicated app and IOS dedicated app, both approved by apple and play market by google.

Sterling Specialist MOBILE


Commissions and spreads

You can trade over 1 000 assets: Crypto, Forex indices and more.
You can see the minimal spreads that you will get on the go.

*Important: The spread is very competitive on the market. So you have a great advantage on traders that trade with “famous brokers” that “rip off” their traders with huge commissions.

You can feel free contacting the broker for the full list of commission rates.

You can see on the picture. Some commissions are even lower that 1 pips.

Enjoy the low commissions while they last.

Even tough Sterling Specialist says they will keep them that way with no changes for the near future.

Sterling Specialist SPREADS

Sterling Specialist – Conclusions




Very inspiring company funders and the team itself.

The company is quite young.

Simple withdrawal and deposit of funds

Easy to use platform.

Low spreads and commissions.



Looks like the broker is very descent at its job.

We see a lot of potential with Sterling Specialist.

If you are looking to start trading with the Sterling Specialist. Open your trading account through the link

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