MajoRoi Broker Review: Is it a scam? Myth or Fact

MajoRoi Broker Review: Is it a scam? Myth or Fact

MajoRoi Broker Review: Is it a scam? Myth or Fact

This MajoRoi Broker review is finally here! We have received over 200 emails asking questions about MajoRoi. We are here to answer all your questions, so buckle up and get ready for an adventure with MajoRoi.

MajoRoi, all the rage! But what is it? Is it the broker of the future? 

Most of your questions referred to MajoRois incredible new ETFs platform. However, some of you were questioning the terms too.

Is it too good to be true? Or is this real life.

MajoRoi Broker Review

By the way, if you are not familiar with MajoRoi yet – Here is their website, but read the review before you are clicking on it. Yes?

MajoRoi Broker Review: Quick summary about MajoRoi Broker 

We want to explain to you who you are dealing with here before we start busting myths.

So let us start with the facts:

  1. MajoRoi is a regulated broker.
  2. MajoRoi is a part of R Capital Group LTD.
  3. Has many possitve reviews.
  4. Has two trading platforms: EFTs and CFDs.
  5. The broker provides over five different trading accounts.
  6. Accepts crypto payments.
  7. MajoRois offices are located in Hong Kong, Canton Road Tsim Sha Tsui Rm.


You can contact the broker by Whatsapp, by phone, or skype.

Here is their phone number for contact:
+44 2045773503
+61 282798676

Whatsapp support number:
+44 7823734992

If you are looking for any legal information on their website you can access it through their footer, or main menu.

MajoRoi is a broker that helps their traders profit – Myth or Fact?

MajoRoi is a broker that helps its traders. It’s a fact.

But should you use their help?

Is it worth listening to your personals broker’s advice?

That’s something that popped out in most of the questions we received.

First of all, you need to understand this:

MajoRoi is interested in your profits! So even though he profits commission from any trade you make, it doesn’t matter if it’s a profitable one. He will still try to help as much to get you to profit. 

But why?

When your deposit grows, you will place much more trades on the stock market. It makes sense, right?

So the more you profit, the more MajoRoi will profits.

That’s why MajoRoi has a fantastic education system. 

It doesn’t matter what account type you have. You get private sessions with your analyst and a personal account manager.

Some account types have access to custom money management plans, saving accounts and even negative balance protection.

Fact: You get maximum support from MajoRoi, and they are here to help you profit as much as possible.

MajoRoi Scams their clients – Myth or Fact

From all the emails that we received asking questions about MajoRoi. None of them said they got scammed in any way.

But many of the questions referred to high profits, and the traders thought that there is something suspicious. 

Yes, you may think something is fishy if it looks too good to be true.

But maybe it is?

Probably everyone at some point in life got lied to. You may call it “a scam,” but everyone experienced that feeling at some point.

Sometimes at the supermarket, you don’t get your discount and get “scammed,” intentionally? Probably not. But it happened.

And when you hear something that sounds a bit suspicious, you tend to think about the times that you got deceived. 

Our brains think in patterns. Because a scenario can match what we felt before, we may consider this “something too good to be true” may be a scam.

That’s why a broker like MajoRoi can be associated with a “scam.” Because the conditions they provide are exceptional, one may easily think that it’s “something too good to be true.”

So does MajoRoi scam or not?

We can answer this question with one word: Regulation.

The FSA regulates MajoRoi. Therefore its is impossible for MajoRoi to be a scammer. 

MajoRoi has a license number SD057, and is operated by R Capital Group LTD.

Myth confirmed: MajoRoi does not scam its clients.


Are your funds secure with MajoRoi – Myth or Fact?

Can you trust MajoRoi with your funds?

We have read many different reviews from clients talking about security.

The level of security that MajoRoi provides exceeded our expectations.

We spoke with Jacob, a representative from MajoRoi, and he explained:

“In MajoRoi we treat security as the first priority. We do not want to have a reputation like all those so-called banks or cryptocurrency exchanges that may “slip” some information or can be hacked.

Our servers are protected with the most advanced technologies, and our developer team has absolutely no breaches that can be accessed.

We are regulated by the FSA. 

It’s a great sign to our traders that your funds are secure even from ourselves 🙂

I personally think that MajoRoi is one of the safest platforms out there.”

Fact: Your funds are secure with MajoRoi.

Conclusion – MajoRoi Broker Review – Is it a scam?

If you are new to the stock market, you may think that MajoRoi is a scam because of its excellent conditions. 

Conclusion - MajoRoi Broker Review - Is it a scam?

But MajoRoi is a trusted broker by many.

Because of these:

  • MajoRoi is operated by R Capital Group LTD – holds a license from the Seychellas financial services authority FSA to act as a securities dealer in accordance with securities act, 2007 with number SD057.
  • You will get the maximum amount of education that you can absorb from the broker. Just be ready to learn, and the sky is the limit.
  • Your funds are secure with the most advanced technologies in 2021.
  • Trader reviews about MajoRoi are great. We would even call them too great 🙂 because some of the traders are questioning if it’s the reality or not. But it is. You may profit much more than you think is possible with MajoRoi because of the advanced tech, tools, and education that they provide.

Myth confirmed – MajoRoi Broker is not a scam.

Are you looking to start trading with MajoRoi? Visit their website and open an account with them.

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