AskForBit Broker Review: Is it a scam? Myth or Fact

AskForBit Broker Review: Is it a scam? Myth or Fact

AskForBit Broker Review

AskForBit Broker Review: Is it a scam? Myth or Fact

” AskForBit Broker Review: Is it a scam? Myth or Fact?” is the question we will answer in this AskForBit broker review. But before we do, let’s take a look at AskForBit and see what they are all about! Ask For Bit is an online trading company that offers CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, currencies, and cryptocurrencies to retail traders around the world. The Ask For Bit website was launched in September 2014 by a “team of professionals with more than ten years of experience.” They offer high leverage (up to 1:1000), low fees (0 pips per trade), and fast execution times (within seconds).

By the way, if you are not familiar with AskForBit, here is their website. But make sure to review them before clicking on it.

AskForBit Broker Review: Quick summary about AskForBit Broker 

Before we start our AskForBit Broker Review debunking myths, let’s establish exactly who you’re dealing with.

Ask For Bit offers high leverage (up to 1:1000), fast order execution time, and low fees per trade (0 pips). AskForBit was established in 2014, has approximately 125 employees and its headquarters are located in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Now that you have a better idea of AskForBit, let’s continue with this AskForBit Broker Review! Is it safe? Ask For Bit claims they hold customer funds segregated from company assets, making them FDIC insured since “we want our customers’ assets always protected.” But before we go any further into this AskForBit quick info summary…

  1. AskForBit is a regulated broker.
  2. They have a lot of good feedback and excellent customer reviews.
  3. It features two trading platforms: EFTs and CFDs.
  4. The broker has five different trading accounts for you to choose from.
  5. Accepts crypto and PayPal payments.
  6. AskForBit offices are located in Germany and the United kingdom

Here is their phone number for contact:


Whatsapp support number:


You may discover any legal information on their website by going to the bottom or main menu.

AskForBit is a broker that helps their traders profit – Myth or Fact? 

It is a fact that AskForBit assists its traders. It’s true. But should you take their advice? Is it worth listening to your personal broker’s advice? That was one of the most frequently mentioned points in our survey.

To begin with, you must first grasp this: First and foremost, you must realize that AskForBit is interested in your earnings! So even if he gets a commission from any trade you make, it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s profitable. He’ll continue to try to assist as much as possible in order for you to profit.

AskForBit education programs

AskForBit’s traders will assist you and help you make your first trades. AskForBit is quick to offer its advice about any aspect of trading, but it doesn’t mean they are always right! But that’s not the point. AskForBit offers this service as part of their package – so there should be no problem with asking for assistance from them. However, just like when learning how to drive a car: AskForBits can teach you what buttons to push in order for the engine to start up and go faster or slower; however, Ask For Bit cannot control whether or not YOU press these buttons correctly…and unfortunately, many people don’t know how (or even want) to use all those resources.

The ultimate aim of broker is to help you make the most of your investment since if you have one million EUR rather than ten thousand EUR, you will generate 100 times more profit for them and yourself.

Fact: AskForBit gives you the most help possible, and they are committed to assisting you in making money.

AskForBit Scams their clients – Myth or Fact

From the many emails we received inquiring about AskForBit, none of them said they were scammed in any way. Many of the questions, on the other hand, concerning high earnings, and the traders believed there was something suspicious about it. Yes, you may believe something is odd if it appears to be too good to be true. But perhaps not?

Our brains are wired to think in patterns. We may consider this “something too good to be true” may be a scam because a situation might match what we experienced previously.

So, does AskForBit provide a scam or not?

We can answer this question with one word: License.

Ask ForBit is a licensed broker that complies with the rules and regulations of regulators. AskForBit has an EU license as well as licenses in Japan, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and more countries where AskForBit operates including Cyprus

What does AskForBit provide?

Ask For Bit provides trading tools to its traders so they can profit from their accounts. There are various types of training sessions for AskForBit clients ranging from free videos tutorials to paid one on one video coaching session about how to trade CFDs and Cryptocurrencies successfully at Ask For Bit platform. Furthermore, there’s also the Askforbit Masterclass program which consists out of AskForBit Academy, Askforbit Pro Trader, and AskForBit Master Traders – depending on the trader’s needs.

askfor bit

Myth confirmed: AskForBit does not scam its clients.

Are your funds secure with AskForBit– Myth or Fact?

Do you feel confident that AskForBit would keep your money safe?

We’ve read a number of client reviews about security. We were not expecting such a high degree of security from AskForBit.

So we spoke with Daniel Smith, a representative of AskForBit, and he stated:

“We have a dedicated security team that is always looking for vulnerabilities and threats. AskForBit has never been hacked. AskForBit has an SSL certificate for and every page on AskForBit.”

askfor bit

This is pretty impressive. However, we had to look a little closer at Ask For Bit so that you can feel confident in using them yourself! Ask For Bit uses the same technology as banks use to protect your account information when making transactions online. This means it’s very difficult for anyone who doesn’t have permission from Ask For Bit or their bank partner to access your funds once they are transferred into Ask For Bit accounts (or wallets). There are many security measures Ask For Bit takes with all of these things including two-factor authentication (which adds another layer of protection), unique IP addresses, etc.

Your funds are safe with Ask For Bit. Ask For Bit is a legitimate company and has been providing people with secure cryptocurrency transactions since 2014 without any issues.”

Fact: Your funds are secure with AskForBit.

Conclusion – AskForBit Broker Review – Is it a scam?

AskForBit Broker Review

Ask ForBit is trusted because of these reasons:

AskForBit has a license and AskForBit is regulated by the regulator. Ask For Bit also complies with security standards that are applied in banks to protect client information, Ask For Bit uses advanced technology like SSL certificates for their website.

For these reasons we can conclude our Askforbit review positively: Askforbit broker provides high-quality service and it’s not a scam! It’s a verified, reliable platform.

AskForBit is a legit broker and Askforbit scam accusations are not true. If you have any questions, Ask For Bit support team will be more than happy to answer them for you!

AskForBit offers various profitable trading opportunities which can help traders to make profits in different market conditions. Ask For Bit has already helped over 250,000 people from all around the world by providing them with secure transactions that they can trust since 2014.

We hope that you have learned a lot about AskForBit with our Askforbit broker review and that Ask For Bit will be your new favorite platform to trade CFDs, Forex, or Cryptocurrencies.

Myth confirmed – Askforbit Broker is not a scam

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  1. Hands down the best broker on the market right now. I’ve been using other brokers from early 2018 and they weren’t paying out as as askforbit broker does!

  2. I was so close to giving up and quit the broker industry because the broker sites i was using weren’t paying out, after joining Askforbit broker it all changed.

  3. AskForBit broker is good broker. Their customer service is actually worth it. I managed to withdraw over 2k in just one transaction, that’s much more than other brokers can offer me. If you want high returns go with this broker

  4. I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies for almost 2 years now with brokers like ico royal and ico capital, but not anymore. AskForBit broker is giving me much better returns

  5. A good broker. I heard a lot of reviews about it before I started trading. I have never regretted my choice. Askorbin is the best

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