Savoy Investment Group review. This company is a scam. Myth or Fact?

Savoy Investment Group review. This company is a scam. Myth or Fact?


Savoy Investment Group review. This company is a scam. Myth or Fact?

Savoy Investment Group review. Is this broker an excellent choice or a scam? Let’s find out.

In this article, we will review SavoyIG and debunk all the myths on the web regarding this broker. 

Myths like:

  • Savoy IG plays against its clients.
  • Traders cannot fund their trading accounts and withdraw their funds with cryptocurrency.
  • The Savoy Investment Group fees and commissions are the lowest in the industry.
  • SavoyIG does not provide its clients with personal managers.
  • If you open a Savoy IG trading account, the company will not let you withdraw your money. 
  • Savoy Investment Group takes clients only from Switzerland.
  • Everyone makes millions in a year, starting with 250 EUR.

You will find all the information about Savoy IG on its website: 

Savoy Investment Group review. Does the company play against its clients?

Savoy Investment Group review. So, what is SavoyIG? This company is a global broker that has provided its services to international clients since 2000. We have asked many Savoy IG clients what they think about their broker, and they told us many positive things about the services this company provides. They said they love using trading signals, Copy Trading, Autotrading, and PAMM accounts because it helps them make a profit. Also, we have searched the web for Savoy Investment Group scam reviews, but we didn’t find any. It shows that this broker is not a scam.

Fact: SavoyIG doesn’t play against its clients.

Can you fund your trading account and withdraw funds with cryptocurrency?


When you sign up with Savoy Investment Group, you see a few different deposit options: credit cards, wire transfers, online payment systems, and cryptocurrency. You can choose any of them to make a deposit. The same goes for withdrawals. For example, you decide to use Bitcoin to fund your trading account. It means you can withdraw funds to your Bitcoin wallet afterward. It’s simple.

Fact: Yes, you can fund your trading account and make withdrawals using cryptocurrency. Savoy Investment Group offers this option to its clients.

Savoy Investment Group fees and commissions are the highest in the industry. Is it true?

To check this fact, we decided to compare a few brokers. We went over the top 10 brokers list and compared the commissions. We chose the most used trading pairs and stocks that most traders usually prefer to buy and sell.

In some cases, Savoy Investment Group had lower commissions than other brokers. And the ones that were a bit higher were very close to them. The same thing happened when we compared spreads.

Myth confirmed: SavoyIG fees and commissions are not the highest in the industry.

Does Savoy Investment Group provide its clients with personal managers to guide them?

Savoy IG is known to have great support and excellent educational programs. The broker provides personal managers that guide its clients. Traders never stay without help in this company. It’s a great advantage.

So, it’s true that Savoy Investment Group provides its clients with personal managers who guide traders and help them with everything they need.

Fact: SavoyIG provides its clients with personal managers, and traders feel safe, knowing they will never stay without help.

The broker will not let you withdraw funds from your Savoy Investment Group trading account. Myth or Fact?


Everyone knows the goal of trading is to make money. That is the reason people start trading. Is it possible or not for Savoy IG clients to withdraw money from their accounts? To ensure that Savoy Investment Group is a reliable broker that allows the withdrawal of funds, we contacted traders who already have experience with this company. They assured us – they have never had any issues getting their funds back. They all said there were no problems with withdrawal, not even once. 

So yes, you can be sure SavoyIG is not a scam.

Myth confirmed

Does Savoy Investment Group take clients only from Switzerland?

Savoy IG is a global broker and provides services to international clients. The company has offices in several countries. Switzerland is one of them. People from around the globe can open a SavoyIG trading account, and many have it already.

Myth confirmed: Savoy Investment Group takes clients not only from Switzerland.

Does every client of SavoyIG make millions in a year, starting with 250 EUR?


Is it true that every trader becomes a millionaire at the end? We often hear about people who made a fortune on the stock market. Everyone can get lucky once or a few times. But luck will not be consistent.

You cannot be sure you will become a millionaire in a month or a few months after opening a Savoy Investment Group trading account. It can happen, but you should not expect it as a 100% possibility and the only way it could go. The best way to become profitable is to start trading carefully and not withdraw all the profit you made. Always remember that you are profiting a percent of your deposit. It means you can make more when you have more money in your trading account. 

Imagine you made 60% last year. And now imagine 60% of 500 EUR and 60% of 50,000 EUR. You made the same risk-level operations but ended up with much more money.

Is Savoy Investment Group a place where you can start with 250 EUR and 100% become a millionaire in a year? No, unfortunately, it’s not true. But you have a great chance to become a profitable trader and make good money.

Myth confirmed

Savoy Investment Group review. An excellent choice or a scam?

Let’s sum it up. This review clearly showed that Savoy IG is not a scam but an excellent broker you can choose if you are interested in cryptocurrency and CFD trading. The company has a good reputation among traders. We highly recommend this broker because many of its clients make money. It shows you can do the same.

To open a Savoy Investment Group trading account, follow this link:


Myth confirmed: Savoy Investment Group is not a scam.

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