FXalta review: Is FXalta.com a scam? Myth or Fact

FXalta review: Is FXalta.com a scam? Myth or Fact


FXalta review: Is FXalta.com a scam? Myth or Fact

FXalta review: Is this a trusted broker or a scam? Myth or Fact.

We will review the company entirely. We will also debunk all the myths going around the web regarding this broker. Myths like:

  • Is FXalta a regulated broker?
  • Does FXalta scam its clients?
  • FXalta plays against its clients
  • Does FXalta hire only people with over ten years of experience in the financial field?
  • FXalta trading signals show over 83% accuracy.
  • Does FXalta provide you with a personal analyst to guide you?

By the way, if you are not familiar with FXalta, here is their website. But make sure to read this review to understand what you will get with FXalta. https://www.fxalta.com/

FXalta review. Is this company a scam? Myth or Fact. Quick summary.

FXalta review. Everything you need to know about the company.

FXalta is a company that operates as a CFD broker and allows you to trade on forex, crypto, indices, commodities, and stocks.

You can contact the broker by:

  • Livechat
  • Email
  • Social media

Fxalta provides you with their custom trading platform that you can trade on a PC, tablet, or any phone device.

Can you trust FXalta? Yes, you definitely can.

Is FXalta a regulated broker?

Yes, FXalta is a regulated broker. It means your money is safe when it’s in your trading account and will be there till you decide to take it back. 

Fact: FXalta is a regulated brand.

FXalta plays against its clients.

Some brokers play against their clients. They don’t care about their reputation because their goal is to get rich quickly. They don’t intend to stay in the field and provide services for traders.

What if it’s true and all the FXalta clients lose their money? Then no trader would have got the money back once it’s in his trading account. But why we haven’t found any discontent on the internet? There were no complaints about FXalta from its clients. This fact shows us that traders who work with this broker don’t lose their money. 

We all hear about scam brokers who play against their clients, and we know their traders have no chance to profit. Once they open trading accounts and fund their deposits, they never get the money back. Fortunately, FXalta is not one of those scammers. We have met many traders who work with this broker and make money. If FXalta played against its clients, we wouldn’t find so many traders who make a living working with this broker. The conclusion is obvious – FXalta is a reliable broker.

Myth confirmed

Does FXalta hire only people with over ten years of experience in the financial field?


Like Matthew, the CEO of FXalta said: “We have a very high standard for our employees. We don’t settle for less than a decade of financial experience. So it doesn’t matter if you are a

personal manager, analyst, or part of the support team. You need to know what you are talking about and be an expert.

That’s why we provide such value through every aspect of our firm, and that is precisely the reason we have so many positive reviews about our brand.”

Fact: FXalta only hires staff with over ten years of experience.

FXalta review. The trading signals show over 83% accuracy.

FXalta signals are one of their top products and were released before FXalta.com started operating as a broker.

Therefore you know how much dedication and effort FXalta put into making the signals of the highest quality.

We spoke to a few managers and asked to get the stats for the last six months to see if the signals are as accurate as advertised.

As we followed the signals list and the trades made, we saw over 83% accuracy in the last three months and just a bit less in the first three months. But overall, the average was standing at


Fact: FXalta signals show over 83% accuracy.

Does FXalta provide you with a personal analyst to guide you?


In short, FXalta provides you with a personal analyst and a personal account manager.

Your account manager will help you with everything regarding your account activation. He will help you set up your account and choose the best instruments to fit your needs.

After choosing your account type and setting your account, your account manager will assign an analyst for you.

Your analyst mission is to help you gain as much advantage on the market as possible.

Depending on your account type, you will be able to receive perks like:

  • One-on-one trading lessons.
  • Individual strategy development.
  • The long-term investment plan.

Your analyst customizes those perks to fit your needs.

In short: the analyst’s job is to help you profit as much as possible.

But why FXalta want you to profit? And puts so much effort into it? The answer is simple: FXalta is a broker, and when you trade, you pay fees and commissions. So the more you trade and the bigger your trades, the more commission the broker gets.

Therefore if the broker profits 10$ from every 1,000$ you trade, it’s only logical for FXalta to help you reach those millions. That’s a win-win situation for you and the broker.

Not only this, but when you profit, you are much more likely to suggest the broker to your friends and family. That is exactly how great companies grow.

Fact: FXalta provides you with a personal analyst.

Conclusion. FXalta review. Is it a scam?

By reading our FXalta review, you can see that FXalta is not a scam. On the contrary, this broker is reliable and provides excellent trading conditions for its traders.

Let’s sum up why it’s a great broker:

  • Low fees.
  • Easy to use trading platforms.
  • Fantastic support for its traders.
  • The broker offers outstanding trading instruments and consulting.
  • FXalta is a regulated broker.
  • Only positive review about FXalta on the internet. We didn’t find any negative reviews related to this broker showing it’s a scam.


Myth confirmed – FXalta is not a scam, but an excellent choice if you want to trade CFDs and cryptocurrencies.

Are you looking to start trading with FXalta? Visit their website and open an account with this broker at https://www.fxalta.com/.

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  1. I am a complete novice when it comes to Forex trading, but thanks to FXalta, I feel confident and successful. The broker provides educational resources and analytical tools that help me make the right decisions in trading. Their platform is also very easy to use and allows me to manage my investments with ease.

  2. I appreciate the high level of security provided by FXALTA. I know that my funds and personal data are protected.

  3. FXalta is my preferred broker because they offer a wide range of trading instruments, which helps me diversify my investments.

  4. I recommend FXalta because I have personally experienced it as a good and stable source of income. The most important thing for me is that I can trade from anywhere in the world. I love traveling.

  5. I am also confident that FXalta is the best broker. Fast withdrawal of funds and an easy-to-use trading platform.

  6. I like FXalta because of the fast withdrawal of funds and quality execution of transactions. FXalta has all the tools for quality trading. I recommend this broker to everyone.

  7. I like to trade with FXalta because it is a reliable broker that makes it easy to trade and make money. They also have a wide range of trading instruments and accurate signals that are very easy to use.

  8. If it were legal, I would open a trading account for my 12-year-old son. 😀 Because the platform is so simple that even a child can handle it lol, but really Fxalta is very good.

  9. My friends didn’t believe you could make money on Forex. But after I opened an account at FXalta and earned my first large sum of money, their opinion changed. I believe that a lot depends on which broker you choose. I recommend FXalta to everyone.

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